Voice Skills Development Workshops

Voice-driven customer experiences have emerged as a must-have in the digital landscape.

The number of voice platforms has steadily expanded over the last 5 years.

Not all platforms allow businesses to develop their own skills, but Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby have released development platforms that allow custom apps or skills to be created.

At our workshops, we will work with you to create an interactive customer experience that engages your customers and is responsive to their needs.

Amazon Alexa Skill Workshop

With over 100 million Alexa users globally, your customers are just a voice command away! 

At our workshop, we will work with you to create an interactive customer experience that engages your customers and is responsive to their needs.

Ensuring that your customers are able to find and use the best features of your product or service seamlessly.

The Alexa Skill Workshop can also be tailored to fit your company’s needs, regardless of whether you are looking to develop voice-centric customer experiences or internal business skills that can save time and money for your staff, with a focus on remote support and the onboarding of new staff, our workshop will help you create a plan for success.

From this concept development workshop, we continue to work with you through to launch and beyond with marketing and promotional activities to increase your skills adoption.

This workshop is suitable for anyone in your company, from marketing to sales and customer service staff.

Google Assistant Action Development Workshop

Coupled with the Google search engine and the Google Smart Home appliances, this platform has interesting capabilities for a Brand or Business to utilise as a part of its customer voice experience.

Google Assistant Actions are similar to Alexa Skills, allow conversation between consumers and Google to facilitate a service, normally posed as a question.

By utilising information from Google My Business records and Google Search it easily allows the public to search the internet for brand, product and services information. 

With deep linking available into Android applications functionality now available additional services on smartphones can be made available.


Samsung Bixby Capsules Development Workshop

Samsung's Voice Platform Bixby uses the concept of Capsules for holding its Voice applications.

Rather more specialised than Alexa and Google Actions they are focused on Samsung hardware devices and primarily for easing user interaction to the hardware and services on those platforms. This may change in the future and the development environment is enhancing each month with new features.

We are happy to discuss any projects that you feel could benefit from being on Bixby. 


If you have an idea for a voice experience and wish to have a workshop, please get in touch via the form below: