We pride ourselves on delivering highly interactive workshops during the year to help businesses understand the Voice Paradigm shift to a Voice First world. Companies typically explain their current customer journey model and we help them re-engineer their journey from a voice-first point of view, determining touchpoints and multi-model requirements. Sometimes their inhouse development teams will continue with the project or they outsource a proof of concept project to Smart Octopus as their inhouse development team are too busy or do not have the development skills to work on the project. 

Voice Strategy Workshop

Voice interfaces are changing the world of marketing, from hyper-local voice searches to AI-powered smart speakers providing conversational commerce in homes, in the car, and on smartphones. Accelerated by the COVID lockdowns and two generations in particular who either don't expect to type (millennials)  or can't type (retired Baby Boomers) the market is set to be £23B by 2025. Companies that have not determined a Voice Strategy will start to see declining sales and brand awareness. Our workshop for Sales and Marketing Teams helps them build a Voice Centric Customer Journey and plan the approach for the business to harnessing this new paradigm of voice user interface and experience (VUI/VUX) based customer interaction.


Messenger Marketing Workshop

Forget email lists! Facebook Messenger Marketing with its high open (60-80%) rates and click-through (10-20%) rates is the new sales frontier. Connecting with customers on the chat platform Facebook Messenger and automating structured conversational commerce to facilitate business and sales utilising state-of-the-art AI is now possible. Our team will cover all of the standard marketing automations available to personalise one to one conversations with your Facebook clients during the workshop and determine which approach is best for your business.  

Voice Skill Development Workshop

Businesses can now leverage the fastest-growing consumer device in history, the smart speaker. With multiple devices in over 6M homes in the UK voice search and conversational commerce has accelerated during the COVID lockdowns. Our team will work with your Brand Management or Marketing Team to determine the Voice centric customer touchpoints during a customer journey to enable voice engagements (Google "micro-moments") for your Brand, products, or services.