Voice Search Optimisation

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always changing as Google changes its algorithm to provide better answers for consumers, but there has been a significant change that many business owners are not aware of.

During the lockdown, people started using their smart speakers and mobiles to search for product and services using their voice.

This has resulted in 50% of searches now being carried out by voice, and voice searches are considerably more complex to target for your business.

Many businesses have unwittingly lost 50% of their organic traffic.

Voice Search Diagram

What is Voice Search Optimisation?

Voice search optimization is the process of optimizing your pages to appear in voice search results. 

When you optimize for voice search, you optimise your content for the way people conduct verbal searches this is not the same as traditional SEO targeting keywords.

Voice search optimisation gives you the chance to have your pages read out loud by a voice search device such as Smart Speakers powered by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

A typical voice search result is 29 words in length

Why should you optimise your website for Voice Search?

Well, the stats say it all, voice search now accounts for 50% of all searches.

  • 40% of all UK adults use mobile voice search at least once a day!
  • 71% of Smart Speakers use Voice Search Weekly, 29% use it daily.
  • 19% of Smart Speaker owners search for product info daily. 
  • 58% of people have used voice search to find information about a local business.

With 320 Million Smart Speakers and 1 Billion Google Assistant-enabled devices globally available, now might be the time to consider optimising for voice search.

What is involved in Optimising a website for Voice Search?

Optimising for voice search is currently the top tier of Search Engine Optimisation. It involves not only meeting all of Google's best practices and core web vitals for your exiting website but then providing voice search query answers in a structure to be considered as an answer that can be provided as the single spoken answer by the smart speaker. It cannot be purchased as an advert and is therefore highly prized within a niche as it will obtain all of the traffic. 

Featured Snippets

Websites that use structured data schema and question and answer lists that become featured snippets are suitable candidates for voice search results.

Can Smart Octopus Voice Agency Optimise My Website for Voice Search for me?

Yes, however we will need to perform an audit on your website to determine if it meets the criteria for becoming a voice search results candidate, namely that it is already on page one and meets Googles best practices for website design.