Developing Your Brand's Voice Strategy Workshop

The Voice Centric User Experience

In a newsfeed saturated digital world, businesses have been told to be customer-centric, but the customer is now heavily distracted and desensitised to adverts and brands. 

With the average person scrolling through content, brands have less than two seconds to make them stop, engage and react. Disruptive marketing is not the future, trusted conversational marketing is the future.

Brands that develop a Voice Centric User Experience as the central theme of their Marketing Strategy will see dramatic results over the next few years.

Imagine having personalised, on-topic discussions with your target audience in their own homes, cars and smartphones.

Voice Platforms

Voice Interfaces Are Fast Becoming The Norm

What could be more natural than having a conversation? All the major players know this and have either launched or plan to launch a Voice Platform:

  • Apple - Siri
  • Microsoft - Cortana
  • Amazon - Alexa
  • Google - Assistant
  • Samsung - Bixby
  • Yandex - Alice 
  • SoundHound - Houndify  (Custom Voice Assistant)

But which should you choose for your Brand to be present on? It depends on your focus and there are now cross-platform development kits (JOVO)

How to Plan a Brands Voice Strategy?

Our workshops are here to help. We cover all the topics that a Brand needs to consider:

  • Brand Customer Journey
  • Voice Customer Journey
  • User Stories Generation
  • Launch Phrases and Invocation Names
  • Intents, Utterances & Slots (Coversation Building Blocks)
  • Conversation Flow
  • Multi-modal (cross-device) Support
  • Initial Prototype Design
  • Skill Personality
  • and Conversation error handling and recovery 

We can then help develop your existing content into an engaging, accessible voice experience, to increase your brand’s awareness and day-to-day engagement.

Following our workshop, our Alexa Skills developers will work with you from the workshop concept through to launch and beyond with marketing and promotional activities to drive awareness and skill adoption.

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